Jewish Life

Jewish Life the way you want.

You may come from the only Jewish family in your town. Or you may live in a rich Jewish environment. Either way, you’ll discover more about yourself at the American Hebrew Academy. And you’ll learn about the privilege and responsibility of becoming one of tomorrow’s Jewish leaders. You will gain greater understanding about who you are as a Jew and greater knowledge and respect for the diversity of Jews the world over.


that high school students thrive in a place that engages their convictions and their intellect, with traditional and innovative approaches to prayer, practice, and people-hood.

that Jewish families from all over the world deserve a place where their children’s traditions, histories, and cultures flourish within a global Jewish environment.

that a Jewish community based on life-long friendships, unforgettable experiences, and a sacred connection to Israel and the Jewish people inspires young people to become leaders in their community.

that the Jewish world in the 21st century needs educated and sophisticated young leaders who honor both the diversity of Jewish beliefs and the commonalities that bring us together as a people.

Our goal is simple. To instill our students with pride in their Jewish identity.

“I had no idea I could make Reform, secular, Conservative, and Reconstructionist friends. Now I realize there are different ways to feel spiritual and culturally Jewish.”

-Ariel, Northwestern University ’13, Kings College London, ‘15

Heart. Mind. Body. Soul.

We inspire you to find your place in the continuity of the Jewish people and you’ll have fun doing so while you live and learn with Jewish teenagers just like you from around the world.

We are One!

Jewish Life at the American Hebrew Academy has many dimensions, and one vision: to create a singular Jewish community. At the Academy, we are more than many and we are one.

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