Residential Life

Imagine a school where everyone fits in.

We support, we don’t bully.

We accept, we don’t judge.

We include, we don’t leave out.

All our students know they have an important role to play. Respect, honesty, trust, and inclusion are at the core of everything we do.

A Home Away from Home.

We learn together, live together and pray together. Our Residential Life staff make our student houses a warm and nurturing home away from home.

The Academy’s staff serve as guardians, guides, advisors and counselors for every student — including day students.

No more than 20 students live in each student residence house. Each house is supervised by a House Team consisting of a House Parent, a Fellow, and a Madrich/Madricha (senior class student leader), all of whom reside in the house, as well as an Associate House Parent. The House Team members are fully employed faculty and staff of the Academy.

We feel like we’re in a house. Our houseparents and our roommates have become our second family. Sunday morning brunch with our house is the best — Student