The Academy is where Jewish life is defined, but never limited.

Jews of every origin and background are welcomed, celebrated and respected for the richness they bring to our community.

Abraham Joshua Heschel called Shabbat a “Palace in Time” – a sacred space separated from the rest of time to serve a holy purpose. At the American Hebrew Academy it is our goal to create such a Palace in Time for our community.

Jewish Life at the American Hebrew Academy means being able to attend a Shabbat service that feels comfortable or another that might expand your Jewish horizons. On our campus, you can discover the richness of today’s Jewish world, guided by leaders from many different denominations, making up our diverse community.

Our goal at the Academy is to create an inviting Jewish life experience for all students. Participation in Jewish life at the Academy is applied universally across the spectrum of our students’ home practices, affiliation, and individual preference. We are committed to offering a range of engaging and authentically Jewish choices for all.

We offer something for everyone from those who follow traditional practices on Shabbat to those who are liberal in their observance.

At sunset every Friday, students and teachers gather for candle-lighting and a choice of Shabbat services followed by a family-style meal complete with Zemirot (Shabbat singing), Birkat ha-Mazon (grace after meals), and Israeli dancing.

“The most valuable lesson I learned from the Academy was a greater sense of my own personal Jewish identity, an appreciation of pluralism and the uniqueness of others.” -Lila, AHA first graduating class, 2004