Keeping Kosher

The American Hebrew Academy dining pavilion is a fully kosher facility under the supervision of our own Rabbi and Mashgiach.

“With the many cultures on campus, it is essential to offer a variety of culturally diverse menu options and to enhance the dining experience by offering ‘live’ action stations and ‘make-it –yourself’ experiences.
Our kitchen utilizes eco-kashrut. We are the only industrial kitchen, to my knowledge, to do so in North Carolina. Thus we both educate and entertain our community. My menus are healthy and balanced, a unique concept given that traditional, kosher Jewish cuisine relies heavily on oils and fats.”

Chef Paul Lasovsky, Director of Food Services and Mashgiach

Our goal is to include all students in Academy programming; kashrut should not separate us as Jews. Our Hadar Ochel (Dining Pavilion) is the area on campus where all members of the community come together to eat. To ensure that all members of the community can eat together, we observe a strict level of Kashrut.

Outside of the dining pavilion, dairy and parve food is enjoyed anywhere on campus. Off-campus students make their own dining choices.

Food at Academy Programs

All food served at Academy-sponsored programs is kosher to the standards of the school’s Dining Services.

This is true of food served at events both on and off campus, for a class, club, team, house, or other group. When a program cannot maintain strict kashrut for all participants, a kosher or vegetarian option will be available for those who observe the traditional laws of kashrut.

Our students will not be put in a position to have to choose between their religious practices and their social life.