Jewish Holidays

Jewish Life at the Academy means so much more: holidays and celebrations together as a diverse and inclusive community.

We believe in actively building a community that is grounded in traditional Jewish texts, that understands the rhythms of Jewish history and that fosters the connectedness of the Jewish people.

The Academy is a diverse community, and Jewish holidays resonate with us all in different ways. The holidays ground us in the spiritual calendar of repentance and redemption; they link us to the historical travels, travails, and triumphs of our people, and they synch us with the cycles of cultivation and harvest at the heart of the natural world. What unites us is our commitment to shaping our year according to the Jewish sense of time and season.

At the Academy, we welcome teenagers from across the spectrum of Jewish life to come and explore their path to understanding. At the Academy, Modern Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or “just Jewish” students and faculty listen to and learn from one another.

Students from Mexico share their observance with students from the United States, Israel and Russia in a unique environment that honors the diversity of the Jewish people.

When we give the energy and curiosity of our children room to run, and let them challenge one another while deepening friendships, We renew Judaism so it may become theirs — a rediscovered privilege, a guide to who they are becoming, an inspiration to make a difference in the world.