College Counseling

College and Career Counseling Office

The College and Career Counseling Office at the American Hebrew Academy is committed to getting to know each student personally and providing individual guidance throughout their secondary school career culminating in the college/university search and application process. Students begin working with the college counselor soon after they arrive on campus, no matter what age they enroll. We are a college prep school so college and career counseling begins on day one for all students.
Through individual meetings, classes, and workshops beginning in freshman year, we help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the college search process, as well as to succeed at the Academy and in life. We support students in learning how to study effectively, manage time, prioritize academic deadlines, develop leadership skills, and pursue interests and passions on campus and in the larger community.

Through group seminars, juniors learn how to conduct college searches and visits, build a balanced and appropriate college list, prepare for standardized testing, develop resumes, research scholarships and financial aid, and more. During the senior year, students are supported through the application, financial aid, and decision making process.

We also utilize Naviance, a web-based college and career program that provides tools to help in navigating the college search and application process for students and parents. Naviance builds resumes, personality and career assessment profiles, and explores careers, majors, and colleges.

In the United States the terms “college” and “university” are used interchangeably.


The American Hebrew Academy prepares students for university and beyond.

Academy alumni have matriculated into graduate school programs, including at the following institutions: Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, UCLA School of Law, University of Chicago School of Law, Northwestern School of Medicine, University of Maryland Medical School, University of St. Joseph School of Pharmacy, University of Michigan School of Architecture, Hebrew Union College and Jewish Theological Seminary Rabbinical Schools, and Georgetown University School of Business.