Wellness & Fitness

Wellness programming at the Academy is designed to help our students make healthy and intelligent choices regarding nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Through coursework, individualized fitness planning and goal setting, students are afforded the opportunity to expand their knowledge of kinesiology and fitness programming. Within the Wellness department, academic elective courses are geared toward those interested in a medical or health science career.

Wellness is an integral part of the curriculum at the Academy and includes the basics of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, individual fitness programming, stress management, nutrition, human sexuality and disease prevention. Students interested in anatomy, kinesiology and a career in the health sciences are afforded the opportunity to take our academic elective offerings including Kinesiology (10th grade year), Anatomy and Physiology (11th grade year), and Honors Sports Medicine (12th grade year). Together, these high level courses provide and in-depth analysis of human anatomy and movement, sports injuries and rehabilitation programming.
Our sports facilities are first class, from our collegiate-level athletic fields to our $18 million, 88,000 square foot athletic center, which boasts a rock climbing facility and waveless competition swimming pool.


• Wellness
• Sports Medicine
• Kinesiology
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Lifetime Fitness (After School
• Lifetime Fitness (Midday)


• Rock Climbing
• Boating & Sailing
• Swing Dancing LF
• Swing Dancing Intermediate LF