The science department aims to improve the scientific awareness of students through the development of experimental and theoretical reasoning skills practiced in courses designed at the leading edge of science education. The department believes in developing strong problem-solving skills that best prepare the student for the systems-based, fast-paced, information rich world of tomorrow.

Graduates at the Academy take one year of Introductory Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Advanced Placement courses in all these subjects are offered as well as leading edge courses in Engineering Design, Biomedical Engineering, and Introduction to Nanotechnology. Students interested in pursuing science majors and graduate programs may qualify for a science internship experience offered in partnership with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Electives ranging from Plant Science to Science in Society are available on campus and external course offerings as part of the Dual Enrollment at Guilford College and the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering.
Our lab spaces exceed many of those found at colleges. Our plant science and ecology center is the only high school laboratory of its kind in the United States.

Jewish values are woven into the sciences through the study of sustainable practices in farming, land, and water management, the bioethics of genetic modification of foods, through projects such as The Gardens of Israel (a Biblical Garden on campus) and our newest laboratory where hydroponics and aquaponics are taught and practiced, and by living in the middle of the world’s largest geothermal closed-loop energy system on campus.


• Introductory Physics A
• Introductory Physics AB
• Introductory Chemistry A
• Introductory Chemistry AB
• Biology A
• Biology AB
• Engineering Design
• AP Biology
• AP Chemistry
• AP Environmental Science
• AP Physics C
• Astrophysics
• Environmental Science
• Plant Biology
• Biomedical Engineering
• Introduction to Nanotechnology
• Science Research Internship
• Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Class Highlight: Science Research Internship

• This course is designed to provide senior science students the opportunity to learn current research techniques and participate in the work done in a university research lab. Students partner with a researcher at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in the Biology and Chemistry/Biochemistry Departments to study the researcher’s area of investigation, learn practical lab skills, work as an intern for 40 hours and present their findings.