Foreign Languages

Hebrew is both the sacred language of Judaism and the language of Israel. The goal of the Hebrew Department is to teach students to read, write, speak and understand Modern Hebrew fluently. Through this learning, students will develop love and affection for the Hebrew language, the culture of Israel, and the Jewish people.

Students come to the Academy with a wide range of Hebrew knowledge, from those who don’t know the aleph-bet to fluent speakers who are capable of studying literature at a high level. Our courses are designed to accommodate all levels of students at the Academy.


• Hebrew I
• Hebrew II A
• Hebrew II AB
• Hebrew III A
• Hebrew III AB
• Hebrew IV A
• Hebrew IV AB
• Hebrew IV: Speakers
• Hebrew V
• Hebrew VI
• Hebrew VII
• Hebrew VIII: Lit I
• Hebrew IX: Lit II


• Spanish I
• Spanish II
• Spanish III

The Spanish courses offered at the Academy take an engaging approach to language learning. Courses focus on developing language skills, but also building an understanding of the countries and cultures where the language is spoken. Activities and classroom topics are designed to motivate the students to become active participants in their learning and encourage them to integrate Spanish into their everyday lives.

Especially for those students who have mastered Hebrew proficiency, Introductory Arabic is offered for those seeking to further their studies in another foreign language or who may have particular interests in pursuing middle eastern studies in college. This course will focus on learning the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation and skills building in order to prepare the student for more advanced language study.

The Academy will also offer Arabic and French as student demand dictates. Other foreign languages may be pursued through independent study approved by the Dean of Academics.