Fine Arts

Our fine arts courses in Visual Art, Theatre, Music and Dance allow students to appreciate and engage in the arts as a spectator, participant, and as an agent for their own self-discovery. Our program is varied and rich; we provide learning experiences for those who are adept at artistic expression and for those who have never ventured into the creative realm of academics.

Visual Arts

• Introduction to the Arts
• Art 1: Drawing and Watercolor
• Art 2: Acrylic
• Art of Viewing Film
• Explorations in Clay
• Fashion Art
• Photography 1
• Photography 2
• Studio Art
• Studio Clay
• Advanced Clay
• Yearbook
• Individual Art Instruction
• AP Studio Art: 2D Design
• AP Studio Art: Drawing

Performing Arts

• Acting I
• Acting II
• AHA Acapella
• Class Piano
• Class Piano: Advanced Techniques
• Class Piano: Intermediate
• Class Voice
• Comedy Improvisation Troupe
• Discovery Improv
• Individual Music Instruction: Piano
• Individual Music Instruction: Strings
• Introduction to the Arts: Music
• Music Theory I
• Performance: Musical Theatre
• Performance: Storytelling
• Performance: Theatre
• Swing Dancing
• Swing Dancing Intermediate
• Technical Theatre
• Theatre of Witness