Academic Departments

We are the American Hebrew Academy, An International Jewish College Prep Boarding School. We are a community of students, teachers, coaches, administrators, parents, and friends.

“At the Academy, there aren’t any desks. Every classroom has a single learning table – a big wooden oval. We sit around it and learn from each other. You wouldn’t think a piece of furniture would make a huge difference in the way you learn, but it does.”
-Academy Student

Our Jewish backgrounds are varied. Our pioneering spirit connects us all.

We are a Jewish school. What’s Jewish? There are as many answers to that question as there are Jews. At the American Hebrew Academy, students just like you are discovering what it means to be Jewish. For many, the school is the first place they’ve been in a setting with other Jewish teenagers. Some are observant; others are just beginning to explore their Jewish identities.

We are an international school accepting students from all over the world. We are all Jewish, but we come from many backgrounds.

Our classes are designed to prepare you for college, and to expand your own understanding of your Jewish heritage and religion. Jewish values are a part of all we do and all we learn.

We are a college preparatory school. Modeled after the best boarding schools in the nation, the American Hebrew Academy prepares you for success in college. You’ll learn to think analytically and creatively, to write clearly and concisely, and to integrate facts into concepts. Above all, we want you to acquire a passion for learning.

We are a family. Our students know they are linked to a chain of caring teachers, classmates, parents, and friends. Our teachers have studied and taught throughout America and in Israel. Even more than as teachers, they have come to the Academy as human beings always willing and able to help you through a problem, whether it’s academic or personal. Learning doesn’t begin or end at the classroom door.