History and Mission

The American Hebrew Academy was founded in 1996 by Maurice “Chico” Sabbah and his wife Zmira who dreamed of creating a school like no other.

In 1999, Sabbah purchased 100 wooded acres with lake-frontage in Greensboro, North Carolina. He envisioned a green campus with the most advanced technologies integrated into every classroom.

By early spring 1999, following a national architectural competition to design the campus, Aaron Green, Frank Lloyd Wright’s associate architect, was commissioned to create the master plan for the campus.

On September 10, 2001, the American Hebrew Academy opened its gates to 77 pioneering students, the Halutzim.

During the first year of the Academy’s existence, students and staff endured on-going construction across the campus, as the ecologically designed Jerusalem stone buildings rose from the North Carolina soil.

Today, our students and esteemed faculty enjoy state of the art classrooms, athletic facilities, student housing and state of the art technology in a nurturing but rigorous academic environment rich in Jewish culture, global perspectives, and diversity.

Category of One

We are the American Hebrew Academy – the world’s only international Jewish college prep boarding school.

We are a community of students, teachers, coaches, parents, administrators, and friends from around the world.