Geothermal System

The American Hebrew Academy is home to one of the largest geothermal energy systems in the world. Geothermal power is green, clean, and renewable.

We are committed to energy conservation, fiscal responsibility, and tikkun ‘olam, and this is reflected in our geothermal investment and educational philosophy.

Geothermal power is green and clean. About four hundred and fifty feet underground, the temperature of the earth stays the same all year long. So we are able to heat and cool our campus with almost no carbon emissions, taking advantage of the earth’s natural temperature.

The Academy geothermal system includes over 950 wells, continuously recycling natural water to heat and cool everything from the kosher dining hall and its refrigeration units to the natatorium. And even more impressive, the $2 million dollar investment in the system has paid for itself in the saving of resources and reducing our dependency on the electrical grid by 40%.

The geothermal pumphouse is one of several living classrooms on campus, where students learn about the practical applications of geothermal energy and earth science.

The American Hebrew Academy’s geothermal energy system is used to heat and cool 440,000 square feet of space in 29 buildings. It can serve 50 buildings and up to 700,000 square feet to meet future growth.

“We have an obligation to teach our children about how to make a difference in the world.” -American Hebrew Academy CEO Glenn Drew.